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 Want to have a Private Debate? Read Here

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Want to have a Private Debate? Read Here Empty
PostSubject: Want to have a Private Debate? Read Here   Want to have a Private Debate? Read Here I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 12:06 pm

What is this Forum used for?
In this forum you can ask someone to debate you over a specific topic. Preferrably a small topic, such as Iraq war, economy, USSR. Nothing that would create a year-long debate like a ideaology in general.

Can i join in?
Of course! Anyone can join in as long as you follow the below!

How can I join in?
Simply private message another user and ask for their opinon on if they would like to also.
NOTE: Do NOT create a thread asking them, nor ask them in a forum/topic, the user will than be pressured into doing it, and i will not accept it even if they agree to it. After you have done this and the opposing partner agrees, simply choose a topic to debate and both of you send me a PM so i can start a topic about it.

How do we decide what to debate?
That is all up to you, simply ask the person what you both differ in than send me a private message about it, the topic will be up within two days.

Who starts the debate?
The defender always starts first. Let's say a Capitalist vs a Communist on Iraq war, the Capitalist supports Iraq War so he states why first, than Communist will respond.

Any Rules?
-Keep grammar as best as possible, any spam in this section will be punished with an immediate ban.
-No one besides those who are debating may join in, the first occurance of this, is a warning, the second, ban.
-Don't pressure the person into debating with you
-When you are done with the argument, post it, so i know when to close it, otherwise, i will use my own judgement of when to close it, even if your not prepared to.
-Respond within 3 days of the last response or the topic is closed. (Unless you have an excuse of why you will not be online for a certain amount of days)

Happy debating!
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Want to have a Private Debate? Read Here
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