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PostSubject: RedSoviet   RedSoviet I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 12:28 am

1. Person banned - RedSoviet
2. Amount of Days banned - Permanent
3. Reason - Chauvinistic avatar, used real "RedSoviets" name from WR to mock him.
4. Was it Democratically voted on - No
5. Proof for the "Reason" - The following message was taken from the real redsoviet.
From RedSoviet
To: Rename
Posted: Today at 12:09
Subject: Re: [wtf not me]
this redsoviet in your forum is NOT me!

From: RedSoviet
To: Rename
Posted: Today at 4:08 am
Subject: Re: [No title]
thats not me! i swear thats not me! some fuck i using my name, bann him!

The person deliberately stated he was the Red Soviet from WR falsely to mock his views in his Introduction.
im from wr
pretty much a stalinist communist - far left
but i think most of you know me so i wont go deeper

The IP address was of no one on this forum, if you have any information about this, please contact me via personal message so we can get it settled out.
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